Happy New Year 2019. From felix & mina we hope all your dreams come true. Ours already started happening!!

We love our all-over coat! It is classy and stylish. As with all our clothes, we tried to make it Fun, Fine and Functional, and people are loving it. What was our surprise when last Saturday we found out that Christine Huang Yi Ci and Camille Huang were wearing out beautiful cape. We were so excited! It was a surprise! Not only they look absolutely stunning with it, but they are also the children of Lei Huang, actor, director, singer, screenwriter and model. With 36M followers in Weibo, this is a great endorsement and we feel very honoured. Thank you Leslie Sun for trusting us and purchasing our clothes.

2018 has been a hectic year; busy, stressful, full of surprises, but overall full of dreams and hard work. Let’s make 2019 a memorable one! You can also look like a celebrity!!!

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