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    Let them be them!

    “Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” — Kate Spade, American fashion designer


    Let your kid express himself/ herself while knowing that they are wearing clothes created by moms for moms with their little ones in mind. We proudly use environment-friendly fabrics such as linen, organic cotton, as well as plant-based dyes. We control all the process to manufacture our garments, from sourcing our materials to the last detail making sure there are no hidden toxic chemicals in anything you get. Our clothes are simple, soft and always comfy for them. After all, the style or look should reflect your child’s unique personality!

    Do you want to see our collection? We have lovely items for both boys and girls from 2-6 years old.

    Come visit and support us this Sunday, April 14th; we will be in the plaza at the @handmadehongkong market from 11-6.

    Discover the latest spring and summer looks! Our clothes are dang CUTE and quality. The will be able to play, roll and jump and still be in amazing condition.

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    Spring is in the Air

    As soon as Spring arrives we go into our spring mood, well I know I do! Oh did I miss you!!!! It is true, it is still a little gloomy in Hong Kong but it is getting warmer and it is for sure time to start packing all those heavy jackets and coats. In Germany, Mina and her family are starting to see some sun, and the colours around look so fresh and beautiful. I know because they sent us some pictures and they are all excited about playing in the park now that it isn’t as cold anymore.

    However, spring weather in Hong Kong and in Germany can be tricky. The mornings can be chilly and the afternoons can be warm and sunny. Well… not that chilly in Hong Kong but we still have to be prepared for the extreme temperatures on the public transport as the air-cons are always at full blast and it can get quite chilly on the MTR and the buses.

    So here are some ideas to try to keep your children comfortable for whatever temperature springtime brings.


    One of our must-haves.  This lovely yellow sweater is 100% cotton. The different weaves of the same fabric result in a unique contrast.
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    New Year, new exciting adventures!

    We’re so excited to announce the opening of our brand new store in Beijing.

    Actually it was open over the Christmas holidays but we have been so busy that we haven’t had time to share with you the exciting news until now.

    Big thanks to our team in China who did an amazing job and were so professional!; they did a fantastic job setting up the store and taking care of every single detail so everything would look perfect.

    We have also opened our second store in Ningbo. As the previous one it is doing so well and people seem to like our clothes.

    If you’re in the area, come check us out👍🏼 we will love to see you!

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    2019 can only be better

    Happy New Year 2019. From felix & mina we hope all your dreams come true. Ours already started happening!!

    We love our all-over coat! It is classy and stylish. As with all our clothes, we tried to make it Fun, Fine and Functional, and people are loving it. What was our surprise when last Saturday we found out that Christine Huang Yi Ci and Camille Huang were wearing out beautiful cape. We were so excited! It was a surprise! Not only they look absolutely stunning with it, but they are also the children of Lei Huang, actor, director, singer, screenwriter and model. With 36M followers in Weibo, this is a great endorsement and we feel very honoured. Thank you Leslie Sun for trusting us and purchasing our clothes.


    2018 has been a hectic year; busy, stressful, full of surprises, but overall full of dreams and hard work. Let’s make 2019 a memorable one! You can also look like a celebrity!!!

    #Felixandmina #conciouskids #conciousmoms #justlikeacelebrity #2019isgoingtobeagreatone #onlymovingforward 

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    Handmade Hong Kong Market

    We had our first Market in Hong Kong last Sunday November 12th. It was an exciting moment! we had to finally present our collection to the mummies in our little community. We had a great first day; people liked our collection and they were very interested in chatting with us about what was important for them. We will be back this Sunday November 25th from 11 am- 6pm in Discovery Bay. If you have a chance,  come see us and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you!!

    Check us out @shopyfy:

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    Fall-Winter Capsule Wardrobe

    School break is over yeay!!! Back to normal days of school, playdates and clothing changes which make me think that I need to get new clothes for my Felix. This week I am working on Felix’s wardrobe for fall and winter.  I’m loving these capsule wardrobes; I really think it makes it easier for us to get him dressed as well! They are easy and  it will give him the ability to choose his own clothes which will turn into a lot less meltdowns. A Win-Win!

    Felix loves everything cars, but lately he has been interested on Dinosaurs so the T-Rex shirt is his new favourite. He roars and runs around the house every time he wears it and it has become a “staple” on the last couple of days. We have two dino t-shirts, both so far very loved.

    Here it is my capsule. I created it based on my kids favourite colours and Dino Love. Let me know what you think!

    Our Shopyfy site is already working, not finished YET; however, you can check it out and see some of our Collection. You know, preparing for our first collection’s launch has been a very long and busy process but I think we got every little detail. From the trendiest colours, shapes, little tricks that make them more functional and easier to wear, to each little button, we have worked on every item with everything we got; so your kids love the clothes they wear as much as you do. 

    What are you waiting to make your own capsule wardrobe???


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    The Passion for Tennis

    This week we are participating on the 4th edition of The 2018 WTA Elite Trophy in Zhuhai, China.

    At Felix & Mina we like to teach our children to be active and have a love for sports; that’s why we thought it was a good idea to take part of these type of events. We have created a wonderful “Dreamy world” with a play area, castle and tons of surprises VERY close to the tennis courses where they cannot only  enjoy the vibes of a tennis tournament but at the same time, they can play and be kids!!

    We have 5 activities planned and tons of surprises including gifts.

    What are you waiting for?

    Bring your kids and give them the wonderful gift of the love of sports!!!


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    “I am bored” Week

    It is our October Break; I call it the “I am bored week”. Kids all over Hong Kong are off for the week and the city is a little bit empty. The weather has been cooler than usual and it has been difficult to find activities to keep the kids entertained. What do you do when the weather isn’t good and cannot play outside? Or when all your friends are gone and you cannot count on “playdates”? 

    I researched and researched and compiled a list of things to do this week. Hope they are useful!



    MONDAY: Paint a pumpkin 🎃. A lot easier than carving, and a lot less messy…. We use this week to start the Halloween season👻 and decorate pumpkins with paint, pompons, stickers… just let them get messy!

    TUESDAY: Encourage them to play independently so they can entertain themselves and hopefully, the “i’m bored week” will be less tough.

    UPDATE: Let’s say this didn’t turned as planned. Felix is not into playing by himself and mummy ended up the day a little bit frustrated 😨😩🤦‍♀️. Back to mummy-Felix activities for the next day. Easier so far and a lot more enjoyable for both of us. 😉😀👫

    WEDNESDAY: If you have a girl this one is a good one, I am pretty sure Mina and her mom in Germany will be working on this one and they will send us tons of pictures 🤩: 🌟 Pull out the dress box, put on funny clothes and have a photo shoot– unfortunately, this one didn’t work for Felix as he wasn’t interested on the photo shoot part. 

    THURSDAY: Set up a make-your-own-sundae station.🍦Ice cream🍦 is always a winner 

    FRIDAY: DIY Thumbprint Family Tree 🌳- Make the leaves in oranges and browns and voila! Nice decoration for the October Halloween month. Mina’s mom said they will create their own tree but they are adding some great brown and yellow leaves from the nearby park. They are so lucky! we don’t have many changing colour trees in Hong Kong and we are missing them very much.  🍂 🍂 🍂 We can’t wait to be back in Germany and play together! 

    SATURDAY: DIY “I Spy” Bag. Get the tutorial here

    SUNDAY: Make homemade play dough.

    When we are in Hong Kong we try to find things to do that remind us of Germany. Customs are different here but as this is such a multicultural city I found easy to  maintain our own identity and at the same time, enrich our kid with the great customs they have, not only here, but all around Asia. Such a pleasure and blessing being able to experience both worlds! 

    ps: Just to make it clear and you don’t get confused 😉 Felix lives in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong and Mina is in Munich, Germany. 😀👫

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    Fall is in the Air

    It is finally getting cooler in Hong Kong and we are very excited to bring out some of the new clothes from our Little Blue Collection. We have been preparing for so long and the day when Felix and Mina can actually wear them is almost here.

    And you are probably wondering: why are we so excited? Why are these clothes different? The answer is the cotton!!! Because, sure, they are cute, fun, but it really makes them special is their softness.

    The little Blue Collection is made with 100% organic cotton. 

    Until now and specially since Felix was born we have been very conscious about what we eat and try to get only organic products, primarily because we were looking to avoid toxic chemicals and secondly, because of environmental reasons. And then it stroke us!! Why if we cared so much about what we put in our babies’ mouths, we didn’t care about the clothes we put on their skin? Some will say “ but I am not eating my clothes…” well, on top of the widely known reason that non organic products can contain heavy metals and chemicals that are really damaging for our planet, these materials are in direct contact with our children’s skin, and those chemicals are absorbed into their body through their skin, into their bloodstream. Children are also more vulnerable to those chemicals than adults as their skin is thinner and more porous.

    Opting for organic can significantly reduce and sometimes completely alleviate symptoms of conditions such as eczema. It is hypoallergenic and therefore unlikely to cause allergies or irritation.

    However, I know you are thinking … “oh right, but Organic Cotton is expensive! “; yes, Organic clothing may be less affordable. But did you know that organic cotton is more durable than regular one? Yes, organic cotton is easier to clean, it releases dirty easily and also it can be washed a higher temperatures without losing their shape which make your little ones’ garments more durable, and cost effective in the long run. 

    So at the end for us it all came down to decide which things were our priority, We wanted to find the best clothes for our little one and we wanted him to live a whole and healthy live. 

    I hope you enjoy our collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.


    Check out our Newest Collection: https://felix-mina.myshopify.com

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    The Crying Twos!

    Felix is going thru an interesting phase these days. I call it in interesting just to be positive because it is for sure challenging and frustrating at times.

    Until now my adorable child was sweet and cuddly but something happened the moment he turned 2. Suddenly, my beautiful baby is a little bit too opinionated, throws superlative tantrums and the drop-offs at daycare are well…“ interesting”!.

    As a first-time mom, all these things are new to me and they can get a little bit overwhelming so armed with all the books that I could find and laptop in hand I research as much as I could to convince myself that everything my child does is just a milestone and he is just growing up. Such a bittersweet emotion!

    Let me share what I found:

    1. Children at this age are learning about themselves and they will start to become their own selves. They will start developing their own identity and this comes with a lot of NOs.
    2. Tantrums.Again, just part of growing up and their newly discovered autonomy and it will escalate if they are looking for attention!
    3. Separation Anxiety is a normal stage of development. All children go thru it. “This is refreshing “ 😉 But it is definitely more visible in some than others.


    So what to do?

    • Don’t rush to your kid and help with every little thing. Give them space. Encourage trying again.
    • Teach them to ask for help before you give it to them.
    • Show them you will always be there is you need them. The feeling of trust will give them confidence.
    • Be consistent setting up limits. The simpler and clearer they are the easier they will be to follow and the fewer opportunities they will get to break them.
    • Set routines. Routine gives them a sense of control. They know what will happen next.
    • Separation Anxiety. Toddlers don’t understand time; so instead of making it easier on you, don’t sneak in!! For them, you are leaving forever. Explain and talk about the process of leaving. Set a routine. Make sure you say goodbye. But it is short and simple. Separation anxiety will decrease with age but it will show from time to time if they are feeling stressed or get sick.

    So easier said than done but this helped me understand my little child’s brain and feel less frustrated. So try it! I did! Hopefully, before we know it, our clingy two-year-olds turn into brave and confident preschoolers.


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